Dementia Learning Event 2014

These podcasts (with accompanying presentations and resources) are from a free dementia learning event held by Genio 'Mobilising Community Supports' on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 from 10am – 3.30pm in the Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8 which brought together healthcare professionals, family members, academics, carers, and volunteers working with and supporting people with dementia. The morning session focused on mobilising community supports and creating dementia friendly environments which are informed by the engagement of the person with dementia. The afternoon session focused on approaches to raising awareness within organisations, communities and cities.

This event was supported by the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Health Service Executive under the Genio Dementia Programme. 

A transcript of any of the podcasts below is available by request to [email protected]. ​If you have queries about this event, please contact [email protected].

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Podcast: Dementia Without Walls, Philly Hare

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Speaker: Philly Hare, Programme Manager, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)

Presentation title: Dementia Without Walls (Dowload Slides

Description: Philly provided an overview of the Dementia Without Walls Programme which includes 25 projects. Philly is also engaged in work across Europe, which includes Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Podcast: Involving People with Dementia, Rachael Litherland

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Speaker: Rachael Litherland, Innovations in Dementia 

Presentation title: Involving People with Dementia (Download Slides)

Description: Rachael spoke about ways to involve the person with dementia in creating new supports that are dementia friendly, taking into consideration the challenges, benefits and practicalities of this work.

Podcast: Creating a dementia friendly organisation, Katherine Blaker

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Speaker: Katherine Blaker, Community Development Manager, Joseph Rowntree Foundation 

Presentation title: Creating a dementia friendly organisation - a bottom up approach (Download Slides)

Description: Katharine discussed Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s commitment to becoming a dementia friendly employer, their engagement with staff and some of the practical projects that have emerged.

Podcast: Mobilising Community Supports, Eilis Hession

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Speaker: Eilis Hession, Project Lead, Living Well with Dementia Blackrock/Stillorgan 

Presentation title: Mobilising Community Supports (Download Slides)

Description: Eilis discussed the project's approach to building on the natural circles of support which we all can access - family, friends, neighbours, community groups, healthcare professionals and volunteer organisations  - to assist the person living with dementia to live the life that they wish to. 


Podcast: Helping a city become Dementia Friendly, Cathy Henwood

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Speaker: Cathy Henwood, Dementia Friendly Community Co-ordinator, Bradford Dementia Friendly Project 

Presentation title: Creating a dementia friendly organisation - a bottom up approach (Download Slides)

Description: Cathy drew on specific examples of dementia friendly businesses and organisations such as shops, solicitors, hospitals and temples discussing the processes involved in setting these up and the outcomes that have been achieved.