European Social Innovation Catalyst Fund

The Call for the successor for the European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF) has now been published. This new fund will be called the European Social Innovation Catalyst Fund and will designed to ensure adequate financial support for replicating and scaling demonstrably successful social innovations in service of the five EU Missions. 

1. Adaptation to Climate Change 
2. Cancer 
3. Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities 
4. Ocean, Seas, and Waters 
5. Soil Health and Food 

​The EU contribution under the Horizon Europe Research and Innovations Programme will be €30 million to represent 25% of the costs of replication and scaling relevant proven social innovations.

Funders interested in investing in the replication and scaling of social innovations to meet objectives that align with those of the 5 EU Missions who would like to explore participation in the ESICF -  including foundations, public authorities and private investors  - should contact [email protected] 

European Social Catalyst Fund

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870757.

Systems change in Ireland

Facilitating a government inter-agency approach for the most vulnerable homeless populations.

Supporting the implementation of complex system reform within mental health services.

Putting people with disabilities at the heart of designing services.

Using an action research method to strengthen innovative responses to addiction.

Complex Systems Change

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