“It is really the little things that add up to the major changes that we can make in the lives of the people we support” – A Study of the Service Reform Fund (SRF): Understanding Reform in National Systems.
Research team
Dr. Niamh Lally, Dr. Danika Sharek, Dr. Ciara Brennan, Dr. Lynne Cahill, Catherine O’Leary

A Study of the Service Reform Fund (SRF): Understanding Reform in National Systems

A 'Study of the Service Reform (SRF): Understanding Reform in National Systems' examines the innovative approaches to implementing the SRF, an ambitious 45million national programme of change which helped expand and sustain social innovation in disability, mental health and homelessness.

With 300 participant interviews collected through an Action Research approach this new report offers examples where transformative systemic change can occur at national, local and frontline service delivery levels. Action Research was central to the adaption of the process and the interviews which occurred over the lifetime of the programme surfaced the challenges and opportunities encountered as reform was implemented.

Who is this report for?

  • Services and organisations who are promoting change and reform in complex challenging systems
  • For those struggling to implement greater choice and dialogue across social service systems.
  • For those working towards greater collaboration and meaningful partnerships across agencies
  • For policy makers and decision makers involved in systems reform


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Key Points
  • The reform programme fostered new ways of working by providing a space for reflection, inter-agency collaboration, planning, action, and assessment.
  • The SRF promoted a redistribution of power dynamics and laid the foundations for frontline workers to engage with the people they support in a new way.
  • Staff discovering the capacities and preferences of the people they support was a critical success factor of the SRF.
  • The SRF offered the tools for stakeholders to navigate the complexity of the reform process.

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