Core to the disability programme is putting people with disabilities at the heart of designing services through Supported Self-Directed Living (SSDL). We are working with the HSE on a targeted and accelerated change programme through the Service Reform Fund (SRF). This has been developed in line with government policy and strategy[1] to improve the lives of people with disabilities and create the best possible opportunities for people with disabilities to fulfil their potential.

A significant part of this programme includes supporting 10 large congregated sites (also known as institutions) to build self-directed, community-based services and to support people with disabilities living in these settings to move to their own homes in the community. A case study of one of the sites has been developed through the action research programme. This is being used to map out the steps to working through this complex process and will help inform delivery of housing supports and reconfiguration of resources in disability services nationally.

Complex Systems Change

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