Community Supports Model for People with Dementia

Community Supports Model for People with Dementia - Service Design Summary Document

This publication from the Health Service Executive & Genio is the first comprehensive Community Supports Model for People with Dementia in Ireland. Although informed by international learning, this model is a unique Irish innovation and draws from the experience of four key demonstration projects undertaken across Ireland from 2012-15. The focus of this work has been on dementia, but the learning from the model also has potential for all older people's services and other service areas in Ireland and internationally.

By distilling the learning and innovation from early demonstration sites, the key components of a comprehensive Community Supports Model can act as a catalyst for change and apply at scale in Ireland. The model puts people with dementia and their families at the centre of service design and demonstrates an approach which engages with the wider community and mainstream services, as well as health and social care services.

This offers a potential alternative to residential care and focuses on supporting people at home in their own communities for as long as possible. An important feature of the demonstration projects has been the opportunity to ‘reshape’ the expected interaction of people with health and social care services, helping ensure people get the right supports, in the right place at the right time. 

Seminar Programme: Innovation and Learning in Dementia Care

The HSE & Genio Dementia Programme, with support from the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Health Service Executive (HSE) has been underway since 2012. It is developing and testing new service models to improve the range and quality of community-based supports for people with dementia; inform public policy and investment in this area; and build the leadership in the field that is necessary in order to capitalise on the potential of the National Dementia Strategy.

This event provides an opportunity to learn about innovative developments in dementia care in both community and hospital settings in the southern regions of CHO 4 and 5 and to receive an overview of the national dementia ‘Understand Together’ Campaign. There is also opportunity for peer-to-peer and cross-disciplinary learning and networking. 

HSE & Genio Dementia Briefing 2016

This event provided an opportunity to learn from pioneers in the acute sector in Ireland who are exploring and testing models of best practice for pathways of integrated dementia care. This briefing came at the mid-way point in a three year programme and offers an opportunity to share early learnings, describe the initiatives developed and inform how these initiatives are impacting service delivery for people with dementia.

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