These podcasts (with accompanying presentations) are from the Genio Annual Dementia Conference 2014 on Friday 12th December 2014 in the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel, Dublin. This event brought together healthcare professionals, family members, academics, carers, and volunteers working with and supporting people with dementia. The morning session focused on 'Listening: The Lived Experience', the mid-morning session on 'Understanding: Value and Values' and the afternoon session on 'Enhancing: Collective Approaches to Change'. 

This event was supported by the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Health Service Executive under the Genio Dementia Programme. 

A transcript of any of the podcasts below is available by request to [email protected]. If you have queries about this event, please contact [email protected].

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Podcast: Evaluation of flexible respite options, Dr. Suzanne Cahill

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Cahill, Research Associate Professor of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin and Director, Dementia Services Information and Development Centre, St. James's Hospital Dublin.

Presentation title: Evaluation of flexible respite options (Download Slides)

Description: Suzanne discussed her findings from a recent evaluation of two types of individualised support options offered to people with dementia and family caregivers by two dementia projects supported by Genio.

An Evaluation Report on Flexible Respite Options of the Living Well with Dementia Project in Stillorgan and Blackrock

An Evaluation Report on the Dementia Support Worker Initiative of the 5 Steps to Living Well with Dementia in South Tipperary Project

Prevalence and Projections of Dementia in Ireland, 2011 - 2046

Podcast: “We’re in this together” - The reciprocal influence between dementia and family relationships, Jenny La Fontaine

Speaker: Jenny La Fontaine, Young Onset Dementia Development Officer, Early Intervention Dementia Service, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. 

Presentation title: “We’re in this together” - The reciprocal influence between dementia and family relationships (Download Slides)

Description: Jenny illuminated what is currently known about the reciprocal influences between family relationships and dementia from the perspectives of the family (including the person with dementia) and considered the implications of these findings for research and practice.

Podcast: Understanding people with Alzheimer’s disease - A bio psycho-social approach, Professor Steven R. Sabat


Speaker: Professor Steven R. Sabat, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Georgetown University, Washington. 

Presentation title: Understanding people with Alzheimer’s disease - A bio psycho-social approach (Download Slides)

Description: Steven explores the concept of selfhood and discusses how a bio-psychosocial approach to care can enhance the life and wellbeing of the person with dementia as well as that of his or her family.

Podcast: Dementia and risk - The contested territories of everyday living, Professor Charlotte Clarke

Speaker: Professor Charlotte Clarke is Head of School, School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh. 

Presentation title: Dementia and risk - The contested territories of everyday living (Download Slides)

Description: Charlotte explored the impact of dementia on daily life through the sometimes differing perspectives of the person with dementia, family and practitioners and considered how collective engagement and exploration of these perspectives can moderate each other’s perceptions of risk.

Podcast: Dementia consortia - Collective action for greater impact, Dr. Fiona Keogh

Speaker: Dr. Fiona Keogh is Director of Research and Evidence, Genio. 

Presentation title: Dementia consortia - Collective action for greater impact (Download Slides)

Description: Fiona presented a paper which will soon be completed on consortium models which explores the purpose, function and characteristics of a consortium; different structural models; as well as processes and challenges in using this approach.

Genio Dementia Series: Briefing Paper No. 2: Dementia Advisors

Genio Dementia Series: Briefing Paper No. 3 Dementia Diagnosis

Podcast: Building Managed Organisational Learning, Professor David Coghlan

Speaker: Professor David Coghlan, Professor in Organisational Development, Trinity College Dublin. 

Presentation title: Building Managed Organisational Learning (Download Slides)

Description: David talked about organisational learning and discussed the challenges in exploring and exploiting organisational learning from individual and unit learning. 

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