An essential part of our approach, alongside Innovation Funding and Capacity Building, is producing evidence of what works through the Genio Research Programme. Genio places a high priority on being accountable and on providing independently measured impact. Since 2008 we have spent over €2m on research and evaluation, much of which has been undertaken by researchers at universities and research institutes.

In addition, we have developed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system to extract and collate the learning from all projects funded through Genio. Our focus is on producing findings that demonstrate the impact on people’s lives and services; and that help inform key decision makers in allocating resources and budgets to best effect. 

As part of the Genio model there are three stages of work within the Research Programme: 

  1. Early Innovation: outcomes to be achieved within each programme area (e.g. disability, mental health, dementia) are clarified and baseline evidence of current outcomes and costs are gathered. Learnings are identified and shared to inform the next stage.
  2. Scaling Innovation: progress is monitored and feedback loops continue to inform the scaling process - this represents the current work in our three programme areas.
  3. System-wide Change: continued monitoring and feedback will inform and sustain progress with each area.

The research programme consists of the following elements

Service Reform Fund Action Research Programme

Action Research is a best practice approach to informing the rollout of complex change efforts where problems are intertwined and there are strong, differing views across stakeholders about the nature of the problem and how to address it. Action research under the Service Reform Fund (SRF), is focused on resolving implementation challenges as they emerge and informing the choices of programme leaders.

Commissioned research

We commission independent research, overseen by topic specific Research Expert Panels, in areas such as moving to independent living and community-based dementia supports. This programme is dynamic and responsive to opportunities which arise within our work. Findings from this research are disseminated to service commissioners, policy makers, used to inform advocacy and to refine our funding process. We also commission briefing papers to provide accessible overviews of key areas relating to the development of disability, mental health and dementia services.​

Monitoring and evaluation undertaken by the Genio team

All projects receiving support from Genio are monitored and supported by our programme managers and receive at least two to three on-site visits annually throughout the life of the projects (more in some cases). Over the course of these visits quantitative and qualitative information is collected on the progress of the project overall (organisationally) and of the individual beneficiaries. Challenges and barriers are identified and addressed and financial monitoring of expenditure against agreed budgets is also carried out.  

We extract and collate the learning from projects and make it available in an accessible way with short, easy-to-read, practical learning papers focused on producing good outcomes for the person and the organisation.

Health and social services research and evaluation

The Genio team also undertake health and social services research and evaluation.  There are currently two major in-house research projects underway;

  • An evaluation of Intensive Home Care Packages (IHCPs) for People with Dementia Genio has been commissioned by the HSE to carry out a research study on the implementation and impact of IHCPs for people living with dementia.

  • Service Reform Fund Action Research Study The study is designed to inform the implementation of the Service Reform Fund’s work and to surface learnings, opportunities and challenges on an on-going basis.

Research & Evidence

Monitoring, research, evaluation and promotion of examples of
national and international cutting-edge practice are critical
to transforming services and demonstrating impact.


How personal budgets are working in Ireland - A Research Brief

Prepared by Pádraic Fleming, Mental Health and Social Research Unit, Maynooth University Department of Psychology May 2016

Evaluation of individualised opportunities for young people with disabilities

Dr Richard Wynne & Dr Donal McAnaney, Work Research Centre 2014

Personalised Supports and Care for People with Dementia

Kevin Cullen, Work Research Centre, Dublin; and Fiona Keogh, Centre for Economic and Social Research on Dementia, National University of Ireland, Galway (formerly Genio). 2018

Economic Analysis of a Community-based Model for Dementia Care

Prof Eamon O’Shea and Christine Monaghan, National Centre for Social Research on Dementia, NUI Galway 2016

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