It is increasingly recognised that people with dementia should have the right to a say in decisions that impact them and a sense of ownership and connectedness to the services which are available to them. Inclusion also helps create a sense of purpose, builds confidence, empowerment and increased self-esteem and can improve health and wellbeing. 

The Health Service Executive & Genio published the first comprehensive Community Supports Model for People with Dementia in Ireland. The model puts people with dementia and their families at the centre of service design and demonstrates an approach which engages with the wider community and mainstream services, as well as health and social care services. Although informed by international learning, this model is a unique Irish innovation and draws from the experience of four key demonstration projects undertaken across Ireland from 2012-15. The learning from the model also has potential for all older people's services and other service areas in Ireland and internationally.

The films below demonstrate the dementia community supports model.

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