“Access to opportunities and support in the local community was life-changing for Ruby and our family. It opened up a whole new world for Ruby who previously had little access to social clubs and activities due to her disabilities. She has developed strong friendships in the community and gained independence, as she now goes on the bus without her mam and dad. 10 years ago, these types of support would never have been available in this part of Donegal. As a family we no longer feel alone and have a strong network of support.” - Chrissie, Ruby’s mum

Ruby has a wicked sense of humour, loves listening to music, hanging out with her friends and her most important possession is her phone. She also enjoys helping her Dad and her Uncle out on the farm. Ruby has lived with cerebral palsy all her life and requires 24/7 support. She attends mainstream school where she has a lot of friends but her access to activities outside of school is very restricted. Spraoi agus Spórt provides social and recreational facilities to local families in the Inishowen area of Donegal including after school activities and summer camps. In 2011, they established a social club for children with disabilities with support from the HSE and Genio. Ruby’s parents, Chrissy and Alan, describe how ‘it changed our lives’. Ruby has a social outlet outside of school, which is helping her to thrive and gain some independence. Chrissy and Alan felt isolated and alone for a long time, but through this service they have met other families going through similar experiences and challenges and it has become a lifeline. Spraoi agus Spórt received further funding in 2018 from the Service Reform Fund (HSE and Genio) to develop a programme for teenagers with disabilities and Ruby is working with staff to identify and develop appropriate activities.

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