Learning Papers

Learning Paper: Inclusion of People with Dementia in the Design of Services

Creating responses that support people with dementia, should be informed by people with dementia, as their insight and perspective of living with dementia and the challenges it presents is a contribution that has obvious value. Projects involved with the HSE & Genio Dementia Programme have sought to gain the perspective of people with dementia through the course of their work. People with dementia were provided with real opportunity to contribute to the design of initiatives at development stage, and throughout the lifetime of the project as initiatives were planned and implemented. How this engagement can occur and be effective when seeking the input of people with dementia at varying stages of the dementia journey is the focus for this paper.


Learning Paper on Dementia Consortia

"Integrated networks to deliver individualised supports for people with dementia and their family carers"

This paper introduces, explains and describes the concept of dementia consortia by bringing together the experience and learning of dementia consortia established in Ireland to date. The aim is to illustrate how these groups can be established and to identify useful approaches and strategies so that a collaborative group can be as successful as possible. Dementia poses a multi-faceted challenge and the case is made that an ‘all of community’ response represents the most effective and sustainable way forward.

Prepared by Fiona Keogh, Elaine Howard, Mary McGuire and Anna de Siún.


Learning Paper on Dementia and Risk

This paper is part of a series of Learning Papers commissioned by Genio to explore learnings in practice on specific topics within Dementia. This paper results from a Dementia and Risk workshop, facilitated by Prof. Charlotte Clarke and attended by representatives of Genio supported dementia projects.