We award innovation funding, the majority of which is government funding combined with some philanthropic support, to help bring about social service transformation. Funding is allocated on a competitive, performance-managed basis to service providers to cover additional costs (similar to 'bridging finance') of moving from older models of service delivery to new models which are more cost-effective and produce better outcomes.

As part of the Genio model there are three stages of innovation funding: 

  1. Early Innovation: open competition identifies early innovators who are awarded seed funding and offered training and support. Progress is closely monitored. 
  2. Scaling Innovation: targeted competition identifies service reform initiatives that scale to reach more people and embed within public system. 
  3. System-wide Change: innovative practice becomes mainstream. Private funding can continue to support consumer demand for better goods and services, which in turn drives supply. 

Early Innovation

Genio has disbursed almost €24m to projects around Ireland to date through open competition, the majority of which represented Irish government innovation funding allocated by the Health Service Executive Ireland (HSE) and some funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies. This in turn leveraged a further €31.3m in additional resources which have been reconfigured within the projects supported. This reconfiguration of resources is critical to, not only the sustainability of the innovation we support, but also scaling transformation within the system without relying on on-going private funding. This funding represents stage one, the 'early innovation' phase, of our work in dementia, mental health and disability (see the Genio Model).

Scaling Innovation

Genio is currently working in stage two, the 'scaling innovation' phase, across our current programmes. In this phase of work we are using innovation funding as a catalyst for increased refocusing of public resources to reach many more people and embed changes within the public system. We continue to work in collaboration with Government and the Atlantic Philanthropies and are now supporting the establishment of a ‘Service Reform Fund’ (SRF) of €45m with the HSE to scale the reforms demonstrated over the past five years in disability and mental health services and to bring about systemic change in these areas. Read more about the SRF for mental health. Further information on the SRF for disability will be published shortly.

Funding has already been allocated within the HSE & Genio Dementia Programme. Find out more about the work that is currently being undertaken

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