“I was nearly 40 years in hospital. Now that I’m living in my own home again, there’s more freedom. I only moved in the summer so I’m getting used to it and getting to know people. I go into town and have a cup of tea and place a bet. My first love ever was cycling. I rode in the 3-day tour of Ulster in 1963 so my favourite coffee shop is part of a bike shop in town. Everyone says hello to me when I walk in.” - Joe Kerrigan

In his youth, Joe loved cycling and rugby. He has a dry wit, loves company and is an entertaining story teller. He spent three years living in Canada where he trained as an electrician. He returned to Ireland and had a family but began to experience significant mental health difficulties. He has been living in mental health institutions, hospitals and hostels for the past four decades. Last year, he was supported by the HSE and Genio (through the Service Reform Fund), to move into his own home in the community where he receives daily medical and occupational support. He is happy to have left the hospital, but it is a huge change and only the start of a new journey for Joe. He is making connections in the community. He is getting to grips with organising his own meals. He goes to town every day for tea and occasionally to place a bet. Every second person he passes seems to know him and greets him by name. He dreams of one day returning to his home town in Meath.

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