“When I was using homeless services, I used to think there weren’t many resources tackling homelessness. You know, hearing things in the news and all, that nothing’s being done. I got my own home a few years ago and since then I joined the Service Reform Fund homelessness committee. I got a good insight into the intrinsic work that is being done. Individuals in government, government agencies and Genio are actually attempting to break down barriers for people who are homeless and develop inter-agency cooperation. I find it very inspiring to be part of.” - Jason Brogan

Jason is articulate and compassionate with a love for fishing. He experienced homelessness for a number of years in Dublin. During this time his confidence and trust in other people plummeted. Fr Peter McVerry (of Peter McVerry Trust) became a consistent presence in Jason’s life and slowly he began to accept help and make changes. Jason finally moved into his own apartment and turned his life around. For the past few years, Jason has been working for the Peter McVerry Trust, providing support to others who experience long-term homelessness and rough-sleeping. He now works with people through a ‘Housing-First’ model, which offers those who have experienced long-term homelessness a chance to have their own home and tailors supports around them to help them maintain their tenancies. He is also directly contributing to and informing the national development and rollout of housing first initiatives through the Service Reform Fund. “I’ll never forget where I was, and I bring that experience with me. Housing- first is powerful. There’s no judgements. It’s meeting the person where they’re at and nurturing positive change. The end goal is to support reintegration to normal living; to offer the best chance to a happy life as possible.”

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