About Innovation Funding

An important part of our approach, alongside Learning and Skills and Measuring Impact, is releasing funds on a competitive basis to encourage innovation & cost-effectiveness. Genio’s innovation funding is designed to be a catalyst in facilitating change in how health and social care services are delivered. This financial support is important to fund the transition from a traditional service to one which provides individualised supports to those who need them. The criteria attached to the funding also incentivises the reconfiguration of the human and financial resource from the traditional service towards the provision of individualised supports. 


Criteria against which applications for funding are screened were developed through a process that commenced in 2009. Over 110 stakeholders (including people with disabilities and mental health difficulties and representatives of relevant statutory, non-governmental and academic organisations) were interviewed and a review of relevant documentation on quality and standards was conducted in order to develop criteria that could be used to identify individualised, costeffective initiatives across Ireland. The criteria have proved robust in clarifying for applicants what type of work will be supported and in identifying the applicants who are likely to be successful. They have been modified continually based on the experience of funding projects and feedback from stakeholders. 

Funding process

  1. Priority setting: Funding priorities, which reflect national policy, are agreed with the Health Service Executive, the Department of Health and the Atlantic Philanthropies. This process informs the funding streams available for application.
  2. Designing and publicising: An online form is designed and published on www.genio.ie within a specific time period along with the criteria and supported by relevant guidelines, FAQ and help sections. Applications are invited by Genio by a deadline through the national press, information seminars (also podcasted on our website), social media and direct email notices to individuals, agencies and relevant coalition and umbrella groups.
  3. Evaluating applications: Applications are evaluated by Genio against the agreed criteria. In some cases there is a 2-stage application process. In this case, at Stage 1 we invite Expressions of Interest (EoIs), a short application form. At Stage 2 the shortlisted EoIs are invited to complete a full application, essentially a more detailed version of the EoI. Stage 2 applications go through a second evaluation process. As part of evaluating applications, some applicants are called for an interview in order to gain greater clarity over specific issues. 
  4. Approving projects: Following the evaluation process, a shortlist of projects is submitted for consideration for funding to the Monitoring Group whose membership consists of representatives of the Board of Genio, Atlantic Philanthropies and HSE senior management. The Monitoring Group reviews the shortlist submitted and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Trustees review the recommendations and make the final decisions regarding the funding awarded to projects. 
  5. Grant commencement: Following the decision of the Trustees, approved applicants are informed that they have been approved for funding, detailed terms and conditions were agreed with each project and relevant paperwork is submitted and checked. Genio uses a performance-based funding model. Regular monitoring of funded projects takes place over the life of the project (usually 3-4 visits), where the outputs and outcomes of each grant are recorded.

Programme areas funded to date

To date we have funded projects across Ireland which have benefitted people with disabilities, mental health difficulties and dementia. Information about each funding round and supported projects in each year is available in the following sections. 


We are currently not accepting applications. Applications are only accepted during specific time periods when advertised publicly. For updates check www.genio.ie, follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) or join our mailing list.


The Genio Programmes are managed by the Genio Programme Managers.

If you would like further information about any of our Programmes please contact the relevant Programme Manager.