Support our work

To date Genio has supported projects to improve services to enable thousands of people with disabilities, mental health difficulties and dementia to live as included and valued members of communities across Ireland.

We are now raising new funds to support initiatives led by those who use services, their families and carers in order to ensure that improvements are made available to all those who need opportunities to live as valued members of their communities.

When you donate to Genio you will:

  • Be part of re-building a society in Ireland that no longer leaves vulnerable people on the margins.
  • Contribute to securing wide scale change that leads to better use of public funds.
  • Become more strategic about giving to good causes.
  • Ensure that the projects you give to are well-governed, well-managed and completely accountable.
  • Avoid investment in unsustainable projects.
  • Leave a legacy for future generations.

We guarantee:

  1. Investment in projects that can be sustained and scaled by government.
  2. Clear and transparent accountability for all funding.
  3. Measurement and feedback on the difference your investment is making.

If you are interested we would be delighted to talk to you about the impact your donation can make. 


Madeleine Clarke
Executive Director
Email: [email protected]