How are we different?

Genio is creating a new paradigm for social investment. 

Private funders who want to make a difference often give to good causes, however, questions can arise about accountability, sustainability and whether measurable change has been achieved. Genio is demonstrating how real change can be achieved through the strategic investment of funds in an effective, accountable and transparent way.

Traditional charitable donors

Genio donors

Often give to good causes but sometimes these may:Get a Smart Social Investment which guarantees:
Reach limited numbers of peopleGeographic and long-term reach
Have no scaling strategy/work on the marginsA scaling strategy to ensure spread of success
Lack transparencyTransparency
Have no sustainability planAssurance that change will be sustainable
Lack evidence regarding impact & scalingResearch to measure impact & costs
Not change the underlying problemOpportunity to be involved in system-wide change

We recognise that private donors have a vital role to play in supporting the demonstration of good quality, cost-effective services to those in need. We also know that Government is best placed to sustain and scale services in the context of implementing national policy. Genio brings public and private donor interests together to achieve change and lasting impact that can be difficult, if not impossible, for either to achieve alone.

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Madeleine Clarke
Executive Director

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