Individual Placement & Support - Estimated Costs & Measurable Financial Benefits
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Individual Placement & Support - Estimated Costs & Measurable Financial Benefits


Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based approach to helping people with acute mental health challenges enter the labour force. It is internationally accepted to be the most effective approach to support people with significant mental health challenges to gain access to mainstream employment and to help them progress on their recovery journey.

Within Ireland, IPS has been rolled out nationally with a high demand for its service. The IPS service is funded by a combination of private and public sector funds and is to support the public sector deliver social services in a person-centred and cost-effective way.

The achievements of the service to date are partially due to the creation of strong long-lasting relationships and building of trust between the public sector and private sector bodies such as between Genio, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, the Health Service Executive and with employers within the community.

Mazars were commissioned to undertake the analysis of the estimated costs and measurable financial benefits of the IPS programme. The principal source of information for the analysis was the monitoring data sourced from employment specialists based in the Community Health Organisations (CHO) across Ireland. The monitoring data was accompanied by IPS progress reports, an interview with an employment specialist and additional data was sourced from the Citizens Information website, relating to welfare supports.

Key Points
  • The analysis found that the benefits gained by people who were supported within the Individual Placement and Support programme, in terms of the services delivered and employment goals, were considerable.
  • There are many strengths of the programme, in terms of targeting people with mental health issues, ensuring that person-centred and employment focused support is embedded, in line with IPS principles.
  • A Fidelity review reinforces the analysis conducted as it concluded that every site reviewed in Ireland was able to demonstrate that they are providing IPS services and that with funding, support can be continued to aid people entering the workforce.
  • The monitoring data demonstrates that participants were successfully supported by the IPS in gaining employment which resulted in reductions in welfare support and an increase in tax payments. It is recommended that the IPS programme continues to successfully support people with mental health issues into employment.

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