In Genio we endeavour to make any publications we have produced that may be of public interest available on our website. 

We have held three national public events in 2010, 2011 and 2013 for which we produced event programmes and other related materials. These event documents are available in the Conference Booklets & Reports collection.

We have, on a number of occasions since our grant rounds first began, produced project catalogues which summarise the projects which have received innovation funding from Genio (see Innovation Funding section for more on our grant-making). We have also produced brochures describing the work of Genio. These project catalogues, other publications related to projects we have funded and our brochures are available in the Brochures & Project Catalogues collection.

We have commissioned a number of independent research studies through the Genio Research Programme (see Measuring Impact section for more on the Genio Research Programme). The reports which set out the findings of these research studies are available in the Research Reports collection. We have also commissioned a series of papers to provide accessible overviews of key areas relating to the development of disability, mental health and dementia services. These papers are available in our Briefing Papers collection. 

We hope you find our publications of interest.