Mental Health 2013

In partnership with the Health Service Executive and the Department of Health, Genio invited online expressions of interest in May 2013 for mental health projects across three streams. Those shortlisted to proceed to the full application stage were invited to submit a detailed application form. Following rigourous evaluation a number of projects have been selected for innovation funding. Information on the Mental Health Projects selected for funding in 2013 is available on our website.

Grant streams

We invited expressions of interest in the folllowing areas.

Note: There are three separate disability grant streams labelled 1, 2, and 3. To avoid confusion, the mental health grant streams are labelled 4, 5, and 6.

  • Stream 4 Supporting recovery: This grant stream is to assist with the reconfiguration of services so that individuals are supported to remain within their own communities or to return there. This new focus should facilitate individuals to return to, or stay, in their local communities, and to be supported to live a full life and to have valued roles within their community.
  • Stream 5 Supporting work, education, and training: This stream seeks expressions of interest to develop opportunities to support people with mental health difficulties to remain in, or to access work, and work enhancing education/training in the mainstream. The emphasis in this stream is to focus on the needs of individuals and to respond to them in a non-programmatic way.
  • Stream 6 Supporting families and carers: This stream seeks expressions of interest which support families and carers of those experiencing mental health difficulties to be better able to support individuals while maintaining their own well-being.

For more information download the EOI Guidelines and Criteria.

Application seminars

On the 15th & 19th March 2013 we hosted four free seminars to explain the application process in detail. The information presented at our seminars is available to listen to as a podcast or download as a powerpoint presentation.


The policy context for the provision of services and supports to people with mental health difficulties is described in the national policy document A Vision for Change

An allocation of €2m recurring was made available to Genio from the €35m allocation for Programme for Government objectives in mental health in 2012. In 2013, having regard to the impact of required cost savings, an allocation of €1,800,000 has been made available to Genio to accelerate innovative practices and service modernisation in mental health in line with A Vision for Change. A Service Agreement has been agreed between the HSE and Genio in respect of priorities for mental health in 2013. Due to the on-going nature of multi-annual grants made by Genio in 2012, just under €1m will be available for new grants in mental health in 2013.

Applications for mental health grants to the Genio Mental Health Programme 2013 are now closed.