Mental Health 2012

In partnership with the Department of Health and the HSE, Genio invited applications in 2012 to the Genio Mental Health Programme for projects across four streams. Information on the Mental Health Projects selected for funding in 2012 is available on our website.

  1. Community living 
    This grant stream is to develop non-institutional models of residential support for individuals in the community, for those who are moving from an institution in the context of institutional closure; as a response to those at risk of institutionalisation; or as a stand-alone initiative.
  2. Alternative respite 
    This grant stream is to develop a range of non-institutional respite options for individuals with mental health difficulties and their families.
  3. Supporting recovery 
    This scheme is focused on developing individualised responses to recovery for people with mental health difficulties. The aim is to redesign the services currently provided in day hospital and day centre settings so that interventions are focused on outcomes that are important to the service user and which will support his/her recovery, particularly in terms of regaining valued roles through work and reconnecting with community.
  4. Capacity building 
    This grant stream is to provide a range of capacity building and training opportunities for people with mental health difficulties, families, advocates, staff and other relevant stakeholders which are focused on supporting the provision of individualised responses to people with mental health difficulties. This grant stream also includes opportunities to experience other service models through staff exchanges.

Download Application Guidelines and Criteria here.


The policy context for the provision of services and supports to people with mental health difficulties has been described in detail in the national policy document  A Vision for Change which is currently being implemented.

Recent reports and policy proposals in national mental health policy describe a model of service provision which is very different to current provision, with a focus on individualised supports and services to be provided which support people with mental health difficulties to live full independent lives in the community, included as active participating citizens.

Grant allocation

€2m was allocated to Genio from the €35m allocation for Programme for Government Objectives in mental health in 2012. In accordance with the HSE National Service Plan 2012 this allocation will be used to accelerate innovative practices and service modernisation in mental health in line with A Vision for Change.

There was no lower or upper limit for grant applications within these allocations.

Applications for the Genio Mental Health Programme 2012 are now closed.