Mental Health 2011

In 2011 Genio invited applications for funding from mental health projects across two streams. The original applications from 2011 and information on Mental Health Projects selected for funding in 2011 is available on our website.


This application process concerned an allocation of health innovation funding to the amount of €2 million announced in January 2011.  “This allocation is a reflection of the important partnership which has developed in recent years between Government and philanthropy in driving the reform of our disability and mental health services. The service reforms which will be facilitated by this funding are fully in line with the objectives of Government policy as set out in A Vision for Change and with the objectives of the National Disability Strategy.” Minister John Moloney, Dublin Castle, 24th January 2011.  

This allocation to the Fund was designed to:

“further the work of Genio [in moving people] from institutions to the community, or to become more independent in the community where they belong, [enabling] an institution or hospital to close in its entirety. The funding will also be directed towards increasing the provision of cost effective, family and community based respite care, as an alternative to traditional institutional models.”
Minister John Moloney, Dublin Castle, 24th January 2011.

Grant streams

In line with this aim, there were two grant streams for 2011:

Grant stream A: Grants to support the development of community alternatives to congregate or institutional care. Priority was given to those applications which would lead to the closure of an institution. (Terminology differs according to sector. ‘Congregate’ and ‘institutional’ settings in this context included long-stay facilities and large community residences in the mental health sector and institutions, campus settings and large group homes in the disability sector.)

Grants were allocated to those applications, which most closely matched the criteria for grant stream A.

Grant stream B: Grants to support the development of alternative respite models.

Grants were allocated to those applications, which most closely matched the criteria for grant stream B.

Application process

Applications were made through the online application forms at The closing date was 5pm, Thursday 9th June, 2011. Initial screening of all applications submitted was undertaken by Genio. Only those applications which most closely fit the criteria were prioritised for further consideration. Shortlisted applications were reviewed by a Monitoring Group which was chaired by the Office of Disability and Mental Health and had members from the HSE and Genio. Final decisions in relation to grant approvals were made by Trustees of the Genio Trust

Applications for funding in 2011 are now closed.