A key part of our approach, alongside Innovation Funding and Research and Evidence, is building learning and skills amongst individuals, families and those who have a role to play in supporting people who are disadvantaged to live full lives in their communities. Training and learning has two elements:

  1. Delivering formal training in evidence-based practice.
  2. Facilitating collaborative learning and practice development.

Our skills and leadership building initiatives with stakeholders, across both elements, are focused on Supported Self-Directed Living (SSDL). 

What is SSDL?

Supported Self-Directed Living (SSDL) occurs when an individual, with the right support, is able to choose, pursue and achieve a “good life”, to a similar extent to other people in society. A number of approaches have been found to contribute towards the achievement of SSDL, the most prominent being ‘Independent Living’, ‘Recovery’, ‘Social Role Valorisation’ and ‘Person-centred Dementia Care’. Whilst these various approaches adopt somewhat differing focuses and frames, they share in common a powerful commitment to facilitating good life outcomes for people, as well as an ability to demonstrate effectiveness in bringing about such outcomes.

Formal training in evidence-based practice

SSDL training

Over the past six years Genio has developed a range of training courses in Supported Self-Directed Living (SSDL) approaches. We continue to work closely with SSDL participants and to respond to their feedback in order to improve our courses each year. In 2016 we spent time listening to the issues people encounter in implementing SSDL approaches. We learned that there continues to be a growing need for more intensive, practice-based training, and to provide shorter, more customised training specifically for family members and senior leaders. In light of this we are facilitating a range of training programmes throughout 2017.

SSDL Practitioner training is now accredited by the Athlone Instititue of Technology.

Download the SSDL Brochure 2017

Collaborative learning and practice development. 

Project learning days

An important element of facilitating collaborative learning and practice development is the Genio project learning days each year during which representatives from projects supported by Genio come together to share learning, engage in examining practice and make connections.

Learning communities

Although the evidence for what works best is growing stronger all the time, there remains much to be learned. In order to capture and share the results of experimentation and innovation ongoing in the areas we work in, we facilitate some learning communities through which emerging learning can be identified and applied. 

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