Learning papers

Drawing on the experiences of projects we have supported, we intend to extract and collate the learning from projects and make it available in an accessible way with short, easy-to-read, practical learning papers focused on producing good outcomes for the person and the organisation. The papers will be revised regularly based on continued learning and developments in projects we are supporting and the changing environments in which Genio operates.

The papers will draw on the significant body of data collected from projects during on-site visits; information collected from learning events in which projects participate; feedback from Genio-provided training; group meetings; one-to-one interviews with project personnel; and data obtained from independent evaluations.

By identifying the successes, failures and innovations of Genio-supported projects, other projects can replicate what worked, avoid what did not work and implement similar innovative practices in the way they operate. The papers will not be definitive guides but will distil insights and pointers as well as identifying pitfalls and things to avoid based on the experiences of supported projects. The resulting papers could be used as a learning resource for others and can thereby inform practice in the future.

The learning papers we have published to date are available here.