About Measuring Impact

An essential part of our approach, alongside Innovation Funding and Learning and Skills, is producing evidence of what works through the Genio Research Programme. Monitoring, research, evaluation, and promotion of examples of national and international cutting-edge practice are critical to transforming services and demonstrating impact.

Research and evaluation

  • Commissioned research: We commission independent research, overseen by an International Research Advisory Committee, in areas such as moving to independent living, alternatives to group-based ‘day services’, and assistive technology. This programme is dynamic and responsive to opportunities which arise within our work. Findings from this research are disseminated to service commissioners, policy makers, used to inform advocacy, and to refine our grant making. The Genio Research and Evaluation Strategy 2015-2017 describes our research and evaluation programme and outlines our priority areas in research and evaluation which are information; research and evaluation; dissemination; impact measurement; and governance, partnership and leadership. In this section we provide an overview of ​research commissioned by Genio to date along with more detailed information on each of the disability and mental health studies underway and completed.
  • Briefing Papers: We have commissioned a series of briefing papers to provide accessible overviews of key areas relating to the development of disability, mental health and dementia services. 
  • Learning Papers: We extract and collate the learning from projects and make it available in an accessible way with short, easy-to-read, practical learning papers focused on producing good outcomes for the person and the organisation.

Monitoring of projects supported

  • In-house monitoring: We undertake in-house monitoring and evaluation of projects which receive support from Genio. Ongoing monitoring takes place throughout the life of projects collecting quantitative and qualitative information on the progress of the project overall (organisationally) and of the individual beneficiaries.


The Genio Research Programme is undertaken by our Director of Research and Evidence and Research Officer. If you would like further information about the Research Programme please contact as follows: