Service Reform Fund - Mental Health

The Service Reform Fund (SRF) has been created by the Department of Health, the HSE and the Atlantic Philanthropies in collaboration with Genio to implement mental health service reform in Ireland. These reforms will focus on ensuring that person-centred and recovery-oriented services and supports are imbedded, in line with Government policy. A total funding pool of €18m has been allocated to advance this work. The development of the SRF fund was informed by lessons from implementing A Vision for Change and the initial work of Advancing Recovery in Ireland (ARI) and related policy recommendations

SRF funding is not open to applicants outside of the HSE. The SRF is working closely with representatives from each of the national HSE Community Healthcare Organisations (CHOs) who have been invited to develop proposals for reform in their areas. All proposals will be submitted through CHO Chief Officers and will be evaluated against strict criteria agreed by the SRF partners. Funding is targeted specifically at sustainable reform and reconfiguration of services. Particular consideration has been given by the HSE as to how the fund can best serve the needs of people who use mental health services and lead to lasting, systemic change in services. The HSE and Genio will be collaborating closely on this work.

Priority areas for reform in Mental Health services 2016 - 2018

Successful proposals to the SRF will focus on the four key areas below and will look outside of the mental health service into communities, the voluntary sector, and other mainstream organisations, to form alliances which will effectively support the reconfiguration of services.

  • Advancing Recovery
  • Employment - Supporting Individual Placement and Support
  • Community based living - Transitioning from HSE provided accommodation
  • Homelessness - Supporting the mental health needs of individuals who are homeless during transitions to housing arrangements

SRF Forums

As part of the work being undertaken by the SRF, representatives from each of the nine CHO areas are invited to come together to learn and exchange information and best practice under each of the four priority areas. These forums also provide an opportunity to identify and address challenges that inevitably arise in the service reform process and access the support required to overcome these challenges.

More information will be available online soon.

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