HSE & Genio Dementia Programme

The HSE & Genio Dementia Programme, with support from the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Health Service Executive (HSE), is developing and testing new service models which will improve the range and quality of community- based supports for people with dementia; inform public policy and investment in this area; and build the leadership in the field that is necessary in order to capitalise on the potential of the National Dementia Strategy.

This approach is aligned with government policy, which emphasises the provision of services which support people to remain at home, living full lives for as long as possible, and supporting families and local communities in this goal. The high level aim of the programme is to develop and test a range of personalised, flexible and responsive supports and services and to demonstrate how these supports enable people with dementia to live full lives in their community for as long as possible. The programme has developed incrementally since 2012 and has three main elements:

  1. Community-based supports for people with dementia.

    a. Developing community-based supports for people with dementia across a geographical area – four projects have been working over three years to develop an integrated range of services and supports that are determined by the needs and preferences of people with dementia. These individualised supports included innovative models of respite and also the provision of assistive technology. The projects also undertook a wide range of education and training activities with the general public, volunteers, community organisations and health and social care professionals.

    b. Developing individualised supports for people who are at a more advanced stage of dementia - five projects are working to design and provide supports for individuals who present with more complex needs, which will enable them to remain in their own home or similar setting through the provision of flexible, responsive supports to the person and their family.

  2. Integrated care pathways (ICP) in acute hospitals for people with dementia. 
    This part of the programme focuses on the acute hospital sector. Three projects are developing integrated care pathways for people with dementia so that access to and discharge from an acute setting is as seamless as possible, and that their experience in an acute hospital is as good as it can be. These community-based and ICP projects are described in more detail in the following pages. As the programme is ongoing, numbers reached will increase. 
  3. Supporting the implementation of the National Dementia Strategy. 
    This part of the programme builds on the learning from the earlier phases and is focused two main tasks. Firstly providing technical support to the HSE to roll out Intensive Home Care Packages (IHCPs) for people with dementia. This support will focus on the development of indicators to monitor the quality and effectiveness of IHCPs. The second area of work is focused on the development of consortia to enhance the integration of services for people with dementia. These consortia will be located in:
    • Dublin North
    • Dublin North City
    • Dublin South West
    • Dublin South East
    • Waterford
    • Cork
    • Limerick
    • Galway

    Development of these consortia will commence on a phased basis at the end of 2015 and into 2016.