St. James's Hospital

Development of an integrated care pathway for people with dementia (DemPath)

Lead organisation: St. James's Hospital (SJH)

Grant amount: €500,000

Description: DemPath is an innovative and ambitious care model for people with dementia that aims to integrate care for people with dementia across the Dublin South Inner City community and St. James's Hospital in a person-centred way. The model will join up a currently fragmented system, emphasise early intervention and admission avoidance, develop strong in-reach and outreach linkages between hospital and community stakeholders and bring about an attitudinal shift in the approach to dementia care. By creating an integrated care pathway, dementia friendly environmental changes and innovations in training and education, DemPath will deliver a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective model of dementia care across hospital and community sectors.

Contact Details
Prof. Brian Lawlor
Project Lead
St. James's Hospital
Ph: 01 410 3000