Mercy University Hospital

Cork Integrated Dementia Care Across Settings (Cork-IDEAS): Mercy University Hospital and Cork Community Partnership to improve dementia care

Lead organisation: Mercy University Hospital

Grant amount: €498,500

Description: Mercy University Hospital and key stakeholders in the community will come together to provide integrated care for people with dementia who may need hospital admission, providing suitable alternatives to admission when appropriate, while supporting families/carers to continue to care for the person at home. The project will also facilitate families/carers to continue caring for a person with dementia in hospital if and as they wish; improve the hospital environment and provide enhanced support to facilitate independence; better plan discharge from hospital, and support families at the time of discharge. Training will be provided for acute hospital staff to get to know the person with dementia, enhancing their communication with the person, with family/carers, and with community healthcare professionals, including residential facilities. It is envisioned that MUH will become a truly 'dementia friendly hospital' and that Cork dementia services will be integrated and responsive to the needs of the person with dementia and their family/carer.

Contact Details
Dr. Suzanne Timmons
Project Lead
Mercy University Hospital
Ph: 021 427 4076
E: [email protected]