The Crystal Project

Lead organisation: Mallow Crystal Consortium

Grant amount: €100,000

Description: The Crystal Project will facilitate individualised and integrated support for people affected by dementia living in Mallow and the surrounding hinterland. It will continue to work with individuals with dementia, their families, healthcare professionals and community groups to bring about change in dementia care. The Crystal Project will enrich the lives of people with dementia by promoting ongoing inclusion in communities and by challenging the public perception of dementia. It will reach out to those at the later stages of dementia and will facilitate person-centred home care. It will provide flexible overnight respite and ongoing information and support for families. Training will be provided focusing on delirium and palliative care and through collaboration with relevant organisations, the project will work towards ensuring services are easily accessed, equitable and integrated and a model of care will be created that is person focused, sustainable and transferable.

Contact Details
Sheena Cadoo
Project Lead
Mallow Crystal Consortium
Ph: 022 58700