Connolly Hospital

Connolly Hospital Integrated Care Pathways for People with Dementia

Lead organisation: Connolly Hospital and Local Health Office Dublin NW      

Grant amount: €500,587

Description: The project will develop an integrated care pathway with a clear governance framework between acute hospital and community services specific to the needs of all people with dementia (PwD) including those with complex needs. The pathway will reduce the negative effects associated with hospitalisation by creating opportunities for appropriate acute hospital avoidance and supported discharge through creation of key nursing support roles in acute hospital and community and linking these with existing community supports, such as a Dementia Outreach-Inreach Team (DO-IT). The project will also concentrate on the development of a hospital area that will facilitate complex ambulatory care for individuals with dementia, as well as the implementation of a Dementia Care Bundle (DCB) on nominated wards to include the introduction of a person-centred communication tool which will enhance the delivery of key evidence-based interventions that improve outcomes for individuals when hospitalised and environment modification. This commitment to driving educational initiatives across community and acute hospitals will enhance the care and treatment of people with dementia.

Contact Details
Dr. Siobhan Kennelly
Project Lead
Connolly Hospital
Ph: 01 646 5000