South Dublin dementia project

Living Well with Dementia (LWwD)

Lead organisation: HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster

Grant amount: €700,000

Description: This is a community based dementia project that builds on the foundations of circles of support - family, neighbours, community groups. The project aim is that people with dementia and their carers live in a community which accepts, supports and empowers them as they travel the dementia journey, served by a comprehensive set of easily accessible, visible, personalised interlinked supports.

"People have strange perceptions of the word 'dementia'; people are like "What’s wrong with you? You don’t look sick"

Dermot Slevin, person with dementia and member of the 'Living Well with Dementia' (LWwD) consortium

"Family involvement is paramount; I think the more the family is involved and knows about what is happening the easier it is for everybody. This helps the family because it’s so much easier than hearing about it second hand or even third hand.”

Miriam Whelan, carer and member of the 'Living Well with Dementia' (LWwD) consortium

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Contact Details
Bridget Doyle (Project Manager)
Ph: 01-706-0119
Email: [email protected]

Eilis Hession (Project Lead)
Ph: 01-236-5200
Email: [email protected]