Dementia 2011


In 2011 Genio received funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies and the HSE to develop and test new service models which would improve the range and quality of community-based supports for people with dementia; to influence public policy and investment in this area; and to build the leadership in the field that is necessary in order to capitalise on the potential of the proposed Irish National Dementia Strategy (published December 2014). Having undergone an indepth and competitive screening and evaluation process, four regional projects were selected for funding in Kinsale, South Tipperary, South Dublin, and Mayo and a fifth Cognitive Health Project to develop and share online films which will promote positive cognitive health behaviours.

The Genio Dementia Programme 2011 focuses on six main areas of activity:

Demonstration areas

Developing the provision and integration of person-centred, community-based supports to people with dementia and their families/carers that enable them to live longer within their local community – thus diverting them from institutional care;

Capability building

Supporting services and their personnel in the four programme areas to work with a person-centred focus and in a more collaborative and integrated way with enhanced awareness and skills; identifying barriers and solutions around integrative working.

Community supports

Using a community development approach to identify and harness existing community resources (including all resources, not just those with a focus on older people), to develop community-based responses which use local strengths and resources to meet local and individual need. This will build a range of community supports across each area.

Developing best practice

Applying and testing principles and best practice models from other sectors including disability, mental health and children’s services; for example, person-focus, early intervention, prevention, community integration, consultation and participation.

Learning network

The development of a Learning Network across the four programme areas and beyond in order to share learning in a systematic way and to create a learning support for further area. See Genio Dementia Learning Network for more information and to join the network.

Collecting evidence

Collecting quantitative and qualitative data from the demonstration areas to evaluate the community support models; to feed into learning networks which will be developed to extend models of community support; and to inform the development of the Irish National Dementia Strategy (published December 2014).

This approach is aligned with government policy, which emphasises the provision of services which support older people to remain at home, living full lives for as long as possible, and supporting families and local communities in this aim.

For further information download the guidelines and criteria from the initial application stage.

Grant allocation

Project title: Kinsale Community Response to Dementia (K-CORD)
Lead organisation: The Medical Centre, Kinsale
Grant amount: €630,000

Project title: The 5 Steps to living well with Dementia in South Tipperary
Lead organisation: South Tipperary Mental Health Service
Grant amount: €700,000

Project title: Community Action on Dementia in Mayo
Lead organisation: Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Grant amount: €700,000

Project title: Living Well with Dementia (LWwD)
Lead organisation: HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster
Grant amount: €700,000

Project title: Cognitive Health Project
Lead organisation: Neuro-Enhancement for Independent Lives, Trinity College Dublin
Grant amount: €199,052

Further information

Dementia project FAQ
Criteria for evaluation
Good practice guide for applications

Expressions of interest for funding from the Genio Dementia Programme 2011 are closed.