Below are key findings that have emerged from the HSE and Genio Mental Health Programme to date. 

No barriers, possible for all

Age, type of mental health difficulty and severity is not a barrier to personalised supports, once the correct service supports are in place for each person.

  • 22 Projects supported people of all ages living with mental health difficulties to move to the community.
  • Over 41% of people supported through the projects had moderate or severe mental health difficulties.
  • A study by Prof Roy McConkey (2013, 2017) found that with the correct supports, people with mental health difficulties participating in the projects were able to move to or re-commence living in the community.
  • 27 projects supported 1,959 people with many types of mental health difficulties on their recovery journey.
Better outcomes, better lives

Services which support people in a personalised way provide better outcomes for people with mental health difficulties. Personalised supports put people at the heart of service design and delivery, giving people what they need, when and where they need it. 

  • A four year study by Prof Roy McConkey (2013, 2017) found that personalisation produces better outcomes for people's emotional well-being, interpersonal relations, material well-being, personal development, physical well-being, self-determination and social inclusion.
  • Monitoring of beneficiaries through the Genio Research Programme throughout the project duration indicates that a significant percentage of participants enjoyed their life more, while being supported in a personalised way.
  • Six people who were using alternative respite services while living in group settings were inspired by the new approach to begin the move to supported full time living in the community.
Reduced costs and cost savings

For most people the cost of personalised, community-based services are far less than institutional-based services.

  • A four year study by Prof Roy McConkey on moving from group settings to community living (2013, 2017) found that overall, personalised services are much less expensive for the same people than when they resided in group or institutional settings, with a few exceptions. The study indicates that the cost reductions for the majority more than offset the increased costs for the fewer numbers with higher support needs.
  • The move to personalised ways of working with people can create effective and sustainable community-based supports for people. In some cases this lead to the closure of institutional service settings and the freeing up of resources. Within the mental health programme to date, 12 medium/high support mental health community hostels have closed.
  • 339 people with mental health difficulties were supported to move to live in the community. Almost 60% of these people moved from group settings (mental health hospital, support hostels, group homes, bed and breakfasts or institutional setting) to living in the their own homes in the community.
Supporters Need Support

People who are supporting people with mental health difficulties need support themselves to be most effective. These include paid support workers, families and the wider community.

  • Projects which supported staff to train in Supported-Self Directed Living (SSDL training delivered by Genio) and effectively implement personalised ways of working, provided better outcomes for project beneficiaries. This is supported by findings from a study by Ulster University on people moving to community living, and from internal analysis by the Genio research team on 54 projects.
  • Analysis of mental health projects which included supporting families, found that awareness, education and advocacy training for families at an early stage can lead to better outcomes for the person with mental health difficulties and their families. 41 projects worked specifically on capacity building for individuals and families. Those that provided coping strategies, resilience skills and helped facilitate organic peer-to-peer support groups or networks were highly valued by the participants and were reported to help greatly during the recovery journey.

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