During 10 years of collaboration the Government of Ireland and Genio have worked together to bring about a person-centred approach to services in disability, mental health, dementia and homelessness. Objective evaluation has focused on determining the impact on people’s lives. Findings demonstrate that personalised services achieve better outcomes. Person-centred services can be an option for everyone regardless of factors such as age or ability and have proven to be cost-effective and sustainable.

Together, we have learned 10 useful lessons for designing services around people and to mark this Genio has published Reforming Services - Lessons from 10 Years of Successful Collaboration:

  1. Design services with the person who uses them
  2. Establish that person-centred services are feasible for all
  3. Change mind-sets
  4. Connect people with communities
  5. Make best use of available resources
  6. Create change with champions
  7. Target and protect reform funding
  8. Build towards service reform at a national level
  9. Help systems integrate and adapt
  10. Continue to harness the voices of people who use services

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