Criteria for assessing grant applications 2012

Applications in all the grant streams will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Project aims and activities – highest scores will be for those applications which:
    1. describe responses that are consistent with relevant policy
    2. aim to support individuals in a way that builds on their strengths and where supports are planned and delivered on the basis of a consideration of the wider needs and potential contributions of the person, moving away from a focus on deficits;
    3. provide individual rather than group-based responses;
    4. are based on supports and settings which are chosen by the person with a disability or mental health difficulty (or their family or advocate as appropriate);
    5. are delivered in the community, fostering inclusion and participation rather than in segregated, stigmatising settings;
    6. use family and community supports and mainstream services whenever possible;
    7. are reliant on paid professionals only when necessary
    8. articulate a strong vision of reconfigured services to roll this provision out to more individuals and sustain this model into the future.
  2. Quality of individualised plan – highest scores will be for those applications which demonstrate an individual planning process which:
    1. is based on getting to know the person in a real way and in environments and contexts that are most appropriate to independent living (see note on Discovery process in Appendix 1 of the Application Guidelines and Criteria).
    2. has been determined by the person and their family/advocate (as appropriate)
    3. demonstrates the characteristics of individualised supports above.
  3. Appropriateness of budget headings and costs – highest scores will be for applications which demonstrate the strongest relationship between proposed activities and cost headings and which have used the most reasonable costs.
  4. Contribution of funding and/or resources to that sought from the Genio Trust – applications must identify funding and/or in-kind resources which will be part of the overall cost of the grant. The funding/resources should be a reasonable reflection of the resources available to the organisation. It is envisaged that Genio will not be the sole funder of any project.
  5. Value for money - highest scores will be for applications which demonstrate the strongest cost-effectiveness (i.e. a strong cost:benefit ratio) and which include a reconfiguration of resources. The overall application itself must represent good value for money in comparison to other applications.
  6. Financial and organisational sustainability beyond the life of the grant – highest scores will be for applications with the most robust and detailed sustainability plans, which includes reconfiguration of resources.
  7. Governance and organisational capacity within the organisation to implement proposal – highest scores will be for those applications which can demonstrate the extent of the commitment of the organisation to this work in terms of; competencies within the organisation, strong change management and implementation planning, high-level support in organisation and/or funder and, where relevant, commitment to roll-out through the whole organisation.