Genio was established in Ireland in 2008 by Madeleine Clarke, Founding Executive Director. Prior to establishing Genio, Madeleine worked in the social sector for thirty years as a professional psychologist, senior manager and independent consultant working with statutory, philanthropic and non-governmental agencies. She could see the constraints that the NGO community and statutory agencies were under as well as the opportunities and creative thinking that was emerging from leaders in these fields.

I felt it put me in a good position to develop a collaboration between people from different areas and to do something that would really be in the interests of people who need our support,” Madeleine Clarke.

As a country, we have historically invested in group-focussed, one-size-fits-all services. While Ireland has some excellent, person-centred policies in place more needed to be done to bridge the gap between policy and the types of services that were actually being delivered on the ground. The Atlantic Philanthropies, a foundation which has invested substantially in Ireland over the past three decades, was interested in helping people with disabilities and mental health difficulties in Ireland in a way that would be impactful, sustainable and could be scaled to reach as many people as possible. 

This provided an opportunity to do something that was much more ambitious and strategic. It coincided with the Department of Health who were also forging ahead to create new and very exciting world leading policy,” Madeleine Clarke.

Collaborating with Government

Collaboration with Government was critical to the establishment of Genio, recognising that they ultimately have long-term responsibility for the delivery of social services and the ability to make change happen within the system. Thought-leaders within government were exploring innovative ways of bridging the gap between policy and implementation but the re-alignment of resources that are tied into long-standing traditional services is very challenging. Atlantic's involvement introduced independent funding which provided leverage within the system to support the innovation that was required to make change happen. Genio brought all the key stakeholders together while providing independent expertise, fund management, capacity building and research.

People at the heart of Genio

The heart of the Genio story lies with the individuals and families around the country who are striving to build self-determined lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Genio really began by consulting with the people for whom change matters most. People who really need service and their families, their carers and their advocates and it was by talking to all of these people up and down the country over a number of months; that’s what really gave us the picture of what it is that people need and want. What was really interesting about that consultation process was it became clear that people just want the lives that you and I want, they want to be able to make the choices that you and I make. They don’t want something that’s spectacular or elaborate,” Madeleine Clarke.

The future

Genio has developed a unique model of social service transformation. Research shows that it is acheiving better outcomes and lives for individuals and their families while in most cases also proving to be more cost-effective. 

"We recognise that the learning that we have been privileged to be able to experience throughout this journey so far, is very relevant to other social service areas and for other countries. We believe that by sharing and applying this learning, many more vulnerable people can access self-determined lives in the community," Madeleine Clarke.

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